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            Low - cost lithium titanate battery, or future energy storage and commercial vehicle market star.

            At the end of 2016, dong mingzhu, wang jianlin and liu qiandong and other powerful entrepreneurs invested in zhuhai yinlong, making lithium titanate batteries in the spotlight.
            Due to the particularity of its material structure, lithium titanate battery has outstanding advantages of other batteries, including fast charging and discharging speed, long life, wide use of temperature domain and high security.
            Lithium titanate battery at the same time also has the absolute advantage than the high power density and lower than the energy density of disadvantage, it doomed in particularly interested in the energy density of pure electric passenger vehicle field, lithium titanate battery don't like the ternary lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate battery as dominant, but in a hybrid (especially heavy mixed areas) and high frequency energy storage areas such as landslide.

            China's new energy battery industry, which is represented by lithium iron phosphate, is mainly aimed at slow and pure electric passenger car market and fierce competition.
            Starting from the positioning market, lithium titanate batteries can avoid the red sea market, which can be applied to industries with specific application scenarios (short-range quick charge, hybrid, high frequency energy storage) and large battery usage.
            One is rail transit, and lithium titanate batteries can be used as emergency power sources for rail transit such as high-speed rail, for quick charging and discharging.
            Compared with super capacitors, it is more economical and commercial.
            The second is the new energy bus, which has been powered by a new energy bus that requires a full day's battery life.
            And the lithium titanate battery has a quick charging feature that allows the bus to be recharged quickly during the shift, without the need for a full, full-day battery charge.
            This means that the capacity of the car battery can be greatly reduced. Although the unit price of lithium titanate is higher than that of the lithium iron phosphate battery, the total price of the battery is much lower than that of the lithium iron phosphate battery.
            At the same time, due to its low temperature resistance, the new energy buses can meet the normal operation demand of the whole year.
            3 it is be used for lithium titanate battery energy storage equipment, its high ratio high security features can be fast charging and discharging conversion, improve power quality, reduce the impact of power grids, power control to Internet access, increasing the effect of the wind power share online.
            Fourth, commercial vehicles, including trucks, remix passenger cars and new energy harvesters, can be converted into hybrid power by using lithium titanate batteries, which can effectively save fuel consumption and save energy and reduce emissions.
            Five is the standby battery of communication center such as machine room and base station. Such application scenario has high safety requirements for the battery.
            In addition to the above application scenarios, lithium titanate batteries can also be used as starter batteries for passenger cars.

            Li told reporters that the above application scenarios are the realm of the future.
            However, on the basis of the suitable scenario, China has also made technological optimization for the disadvantage of lithium titanate battery.
            By adjusting the ratio of raw materials, production technology, production conditions, the process will be the price of lithium titanate battery low down to industry, but also within the material properties limited, improving battery energy density.
            In response to the konw-how in these developments, China has applied for more than a dozen patents, some of which have been licensed.

            China has completed the construction of the team and the laboratory. The first phase of the production line is under construction in the 50-100mwh production line. It is expected to deliver stable shipment in the second quarter of next year.
            Hai-bo li said that they were the first to start testing new energy buses and commercial vehicle market, with domestic leading new energy car, heavy truck enterprises signed a strategic cooperation agreement, meishan local bus company, and in the active contact.
            In addition to directly selling lithium titanate battery pack according to the requirements of the client of B, the state will also conduct joint development of lithium titanate battery terminal products with some benchmark customers.

            The head companies in the lithium titanate battery include the zhuhai yinlong and the micro - macro power.
            Zhuhai yinlong added 3 billion yuan at the end of last year, with a valuation of 13.4 billion yuan.
            The company announced a $2.76 billion private placement at the end of April, valuing it at nearly 20 billion yuan.
            In addition, Toshiba of Japan has applied lithium titanate batteries to new energy vehicles and energy storage areas.
            In li's view, lithium titanate batteries are aimed at niche and dominant applications, and the potential market is huge.
            There is no competition, and more should be combined to make the market bigger.
            Guochuang is now seeking 50 million yuan A round of financing, mainly for the construction of production lines and later liquidity, and xinghan capital is the exclusive financial advisor for this round of financing.

            China is now a team of 30 people, nearly 70% of whom are r&d personnel.
            The core founding team members all come from domestic and foreign first-class enterprises.
            Founder hu yuncheng, who has been engaged in the research and development and application of new energy materials, batteries and systems for a long time, is the leader of the national 863 project "low cost long life titanate lithium battery technology research and development";
            In the material, battery and system application has unique insight, outstanding technology and industrial application promotion ability;
            In the practical application of heavy-duty hybrid vehicles, the relevant technology shows high fuel efficiency and emission reduction rate.

            In short, the market for hybrid electric cars, special industrial applications and energy storage applications for lithium titanate batteries is still in its infancy in the world.
            And lithium titanate technology is expected to be the best in these markets.
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