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              DDZ Technology Company Limited, which was established in August 2004, is a high-tech enterprise incorporating R&D production and sales of batteries, power supplies, battery chargers, photographic accessories, power bank, etc..


              Our company has 10 years experience in battery R&D,
              producing and the overseas marketing.


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            1. http://www.yttzge.com
            2. http://www.gdjiaying.com
            3. http://www.geziseo.cn
            4. ??????
            5. http://www.tskdz.cn
            6. ?????
            7. ???????
            8. Shenzhen Company:6F, 2Bldg, Wandi Industrial Park, Xikenglao Village, Guanlan Str., Longhua dist., Shenzhen 518110, CN.
              Contact person: Mr Mike Sang (86)15989867480
              E-mail: info@ddzbattery.com

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